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Long hair

Hi, I'm Dr. Kerry Makin-Byrd. I'm a  clinical psychologist and compassion teacher in Stanley Marketplace, close to both Stapleton, Denver and Aurora. I am licensed in Colorado (PSY CO 0004343) and I have over fifteen years of experience working with adults, using evidence-based approaches mixed with warmth and humor.

I'm also the founder of, a blog dedicated to offering free resources to help people engage in compassionate lives.

In both my personal and professional life, I have seen the power of therapy to pause harmful, hurtful patterns before they do more damage.

A famous psychologist used to quip that most couples came to his office 7 years too late. One of the things I love about working with adults and families is that there are a million second chances, there is lots of time to get it right, and reshape the things that aren't consistent with your hopes and goals for yourself or your family. If this sounds interesting, let's talk.

Education and Training


Dr. Makin-Byrd is an expert in mindfulness-based and cognitive-behavioral interventions with adults, teens, parents, trauma survivors, and families in Denver and Aurora, CO. She also offers consultation and wellness support for technology workers and engineers, building on her years of work in Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Selected Publications

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I am located at 2501 Dallas St Aurora and 2373 Central Park Blvd Denver, which is convenient to neighborhoods north and south of I70, including Stapleton and Northfield, north Aurora, Reunion, Green Valley Ranch, Lowry, Park Hill, Hilltop and The Highlands.


My rate is $170 per a 50 minute therapy session. In 2019, clients will have three scheduling and cost options: 30 minute skills-focused session for $100; 60 minute therapy session for $200; or 90 minute deeper processing and/or trauma recovery therapy session for $300.

These rates are comparable to that of other local mental health professionals with similar training and years of experience. I accept cash, check, credit card, health savings account and flexible spending account cards.

I am an out of network provider. Many health plans will reimburse for treatment provided by a licensed psychologist and you may be able to receive reimbursement from your insurance company for my services. I will provide you with a monthly statement to submit to your health insurance provider or a health savings account.  If you plan to use your insurance, you should contact your insurance carrier prior to your first session and ask about your benefits for psychotherapy.

Lower cost options are available in the form of sliding scale therapy slots, brief workshops and group treatment. Please see the resources page for even more suggestions on seeking lower cost therapy options. Please contact me for more information.