Dr Kerry Makin-Byrd, Life Navigation for Professionals

You want to be the best version of yourself. Right now you’re not. Stressed, out of balance, working too much or without focus. Your relationships are suffering. Maybe you had a brush with mortality or a job crisis. Maybe you have everything you thought you wanted. You are an engineer, a lawyer, an executive, a tech worker, a physician. Your brain has served you well, now it’s getting in your way.


I’m Dr. Kerry Makin-Byrd, a clinical psychologist and expert in human behavior and communication (credentials here). I’m science based and purpose driven. For over 10 years, I’ve been helping leaders in Silicon Valley and the Rocky Mountain region cultivate the boldest, most effective versions of themselves. I’ve also done the hard work myself.


Things are hard now. Take heart.

Pain + reflection = progress. - Ray Dalio from Principles

Fruitful reflection benefits from a reliable, independent observer with expertise in behavior change. That's me.


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