You are an engineer, a lawyer, an executive, a tech worker, a physician. Your brain has served you well, now it’s getting in your way.


I offer in-person weekly therapy, with video and telephone options when you are traveling.

I have expertise in empirically supported treatments for anxiety, depression, and trauma such as cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, and mindfulness and compassion-based interventions. As importantly, I know a lot about how to change behavior and the common barriers to living the life we want, informed by science, religion, and mythology.


I work with the here and now to help you discover more meaning and create more impact in your life. Therapy with me is active and engaged. No navel gazing. We’re not talking about your mother unless it’s directly relevant to your goals for today and tomorrow.

I ask hard questions, give you honest feedback, and clearly define the problems to develop the best solutions. Yes, we will talk about emotions. I provide the science and tools to get you where you’re going.

There are no guarantees and this isn’t camp. And I’ll be as brave and curious as you need to get where we’re going. As some people say, I’m good at clearing out the bullshit.


I’m here to help you create a bolder, stronger, more emotionally intelligent version of yourself. To create the life you want. To save the only life you can. To lead and love. To cultivate grit and resilience. To be and do better.

I wrote my clients a letter here.


Your time, your energy, and this many dollars.

  • 30 minute skills-focused session for $100

  • 60 minute therapy session for $200

  • 90 minute deeper processing and/or trauma recovery therapy session for $300

If you are interested in less expensive options, I suggest a number of reduced fee clinics in the Resources section of this site.