I’m a clinical psychologist and expert in human behavior and communication (licensed in Colorado, PSY CO 4343). I offer in-person therapy at Stanley Marketplace, nestled between Denver and Aurora, Colorado. More information on my education, publications, and talks below.


Before my brush with death, I was working very hard to be someone else. A someone defined by outside markers of success. I didn’t enjoy it. I flipped between yearning for purpose and feeling like my work was meaningless. I missed my daughter, my husband, and my self.

I encountered death and it pointed me to life.

My mission is to help people navigate the same road, to help them become the best version of themselves, using science and skills to help get there.



Selected Talks

Makin-Byrd, K. N. (2018) Self Care in the New Year: Person, team, and organization level practices for a happy, healthy, purpose-driven work force. Invited half-day workshop for employees, managers, and executives presented at the Thrive Autism Collaborative, Denver, CO.

Makin-Byrd, K. N. (2017) Mindful Parenting: ACT and mindfulness exercises for parents. Clinical workshop for therapists and helpers presented at the Rocky Mountain Association for Contextual Behavioral Science biannual conference, Denver, CO.

Makin-Byrd, K. N. (2017) Using ACT with Parents: Parenting from a place of openness, awareness, and active engagement. Invited talk for mental health workers presented at the Thrive Autism Collaborative, Denver, CO.

Makin-Byrd, K. N. (2016) Clinical tools to address relationship and regulation skills among trauma survivors across the lifespan.Invited talk presented at the University of Colorado Depression Center, Department of Family Medicine, Denver, CO.

Makin-Byrd, K. N. & Foynes, M. (2016) Clinical tools to enhance parent and partner relationships among military sexual trauma survivors . Invited talk presented at the VA Mental Health Services Advanced Family Topics Seminar, Department of Veterans Affairs.

Makin-Byrd, K. N. (2016) The impact of trauma on families and parenting. Invited talk presented at the Couples and Family Treatment Seminar, University of Colorado, Denver and Health Sciences Center.

Makin-Byrd, K. N. (2015) Assessment and treatment of traumatized families. Invited talk presented at the Child Abuse Assessment, Reporting, and Overview of Treatment conference, VAPAHCS, Palo Alto, CA.

Selected Publications

Foynes, M., Makin-Byrd, K., Skidmore, W., King, M., Bell, B., Karpenko, J., & Greene, L. (2018). Promoting Veterans’ recovery from military sexual trauma:  Lessons learned from the Veterans Health Administration. Military Psychology.

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