04.17.19 Wednesday quote by Neale Donald Walsch


“The struggle ends where the gratitude begins.” -Neale Donald Walsch

Again and again to get down on the floor and say thank you. I was trying to channel Marie Kondo the other day. I was tired and overwhelmed by the looming day. I looked around my dirty kitchen and thought, oh what the heck, I’ll channel Marie. So I got down on the floor, closed my eyes, and tried to say thank you to the kitchen…and before I had a chance to feel silly, this image popped into my head. Tim crashing to that kitchen floor and the voice of the doctor later, “That soft wood floor saved you. Thank God it wasn’t the granite.” And suddenly I’m in my pajamas, no coffee, and getting it. MARIE KONDO YES. Thank you kitchen, thank you floor. As insane as it sounds.