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How Do I Do This and Will It Be OK? A Psychologist’s Answer.

TL;DR: We all struggle with self doubt, uncertainty, a hope for reassurance. Those questions have no answers and a million answers. 1. In times of doubt and confusion, find inspiration from the stories of your heroes and their struggles. 2. You don’t need to see the whole path, just the step in front of you. Take that one step. 3. Answer the why? Why would you do this hard thing?

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Five Things I Hope We All Learn Before We Die

TL;DR: Five Things I Hope We All Learn Before We Die: We cannot change anyone else. Get out of you own head to relieve your pain. Pay attention to what you loathe and run from. These things point you toward your heart, your purpose, and your mission. You are a perfect, whole, and treasured culmination of thousands of years of evolution and love. And so is every other freaking person in this world.

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Newport’s Craftsman Approach to Tool Selection Or Why I Might Be Quitting Social Media

TL;DR summary: Only use tools that maximally determine your happiness and success. I actively don’t hustle IRL - why do I do it over social media? (reflection sharing etc.) Realization: My own hashtag hustle is rooted in not feeling good enough as is. End: What would you like to hear about that would add value to your life?

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