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Five Things I Hope We All Learn Before We Die

TL;DR: Five Things I Hope We All Learn Before We Die: We cannot change anyone else. Get out of you own head to relieve your pain. Pay attention to what you loathe and run from. These things point you toward your heart, your purpose, and your mission. You are a perfect, whole, and treasured culmination of thousands of years of evolution and love. And so is every other freaking person in this world.

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Talking To Your Children About A Tragedy

After you are centered and grounded. After you’ve had a chance to talk to yourself or another adult about all your own emotions and fears and irrational thoughts, then come to the task of talking to your children. This is your chance to show them how they can care for themselves and their world when they encounter suffering. Because this will keep happening. In this rich expansive life there will always be death, always be heart break. Always be things that feel senseless.

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Teaching Children Compassion

As some of you know, I am on the board of the Kids’ Compassion Project. In preparation for a recent event, I wanted to create a discussion guide to briefly explain to parents how to teach children to be compassionate. You’d think after this much advanced training, I could hammer out a few bullet points (ha!). I’m still chewing on this but here’s what I know so far.

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