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My private practice centers on translating traditional psychological research on growth and life optimization to concrete, direct applications and customizations for entrepreneurs, knowledge workers, and technology professionals.

What is Denver Startup Week? 

It's the largest free event of its kind and a week of programs and panels for the business and entrepreneurial community of Denver. It’s also the perfect place to spread the word on science-based skills for growth and meaningful living. And Denver Startup Week is currently inviting the community to vote on proposed talks.


Let's bring psychology to the entrepreneurial spirit. 

My dream is to teach (lots!) of business people and entrepreneurs (for free!) how the skills of reflection, compassion, and flexible thinking are critical for everyone dedicated to continued growth. There’s so much good data out there about how to create and sustain mission-driven change in the world.

So I’ve proposed two talks for Denver Startup Week:

  • Talk 1: You Can’t Wait For Evolution: Mind Hacks For Mastering A Complex World

    Description: Brains have evolved to excel at promoting survival and genetic transmission. With this agenda, our brains developed a number of efficient shortcuts that work well in a world of small tribes and concrete external problems (aka, a world that no longer exists). Now these same brain efficiencies can block innovation and flexible responding to our current world of increasingly complex data processing with constant feedback from a global tribe. You can’t wait for evolution to adapt, you must do it yourself. In this session Dr. Kerry Makin-Byrd teaches data-based strategies for short-circuiting mindtraps and creating an agile culture that thrives in a complex world.

  • Talk 2: Want Iterative Evolution? Learn Grit, Resilience, and Compassion

    Description: Entrepreneurship is the quintessential hero’s journey. Large aspects of the work may feel out of your control, you may swing between feast and famine, and your greatest successes and failures can feel deeply personal. That’s a recipe for burn out, imbalance, and reactionary practices that can hurt you and your business. This isn’t the only way. Progress in leadership and life requires grit, resilience, and compassion. These are skills that can be learned and strengthened. In this session, Dr. Kerry Makin-Byrd teaches you the key skills to iteratively evolve. These skills arm you to engage in an ascending spiral of continued growth, just as your competition makes the same mistakes over and over.

Yes, I also get the (unintended but funny) irony of both arguing that you can’t wait for evolution and I can teach you to evolve. Heh.


How can you help? 

If you would like to see these ideas with *even more* Skeletor GIFs, please consider voting for my two proposed talks in Denver Startup Week.

Voting ends May 20 - thank you for considering!

Thanks for reading, thanks for being here.


Special thanks to Mlle Ghoul/S. Elizabeth who created all these fabulous Skeletor affirmations and in doing so, made my world better.