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Mind Wandering and Why You're Not Happy

It’s hard. I get it. There’s a ton swirling around. Alerts, buzzes, new emails, people who want something from you. It can feel like you’re just in a circus spinning plates and juggling knives. And change begins with just one small step. Anne Lammott writes about a friend who committed to just one moment of awareness each day of her new baby’s life. She knew there wouldn’t be time for meditation. She wouldn’t have energy or space. But she defined her own success as one small second - a moment sitting on the edge or the bed or the bath or while rocking the baby. Just a breath in and out. You can do it. We can do it. Slowly slowly.

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How Do I Do This and Will It Be OK? A Psychologist’s Answer.

TL;DR: We all struggle with self doubt, uncertainty, a hope for reassurance. Those questions have no answers and a million answers. 1. In times of doubt and confusion, find inspiration from the stories of your heroes and their struggles. 2. You don’t need to see the whole path, just the step in front of you. Take that one step. 3. Answer the why? Why would you do this hard thing?

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