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ACT For the Public: Is Happiness Our Normal, Natural State?

TL;DR: The assumption of health normality suggests that normal = happy = healthy and thus, distressing internal experiences like emotions or thought we don’t want, or physical sensations that are uncomfortable, are only problems to be solved. But what is normal? If I check my own experience, normal seems to be a flowing, ever-changing river of experiences. My mentor says, “We treat emotions like math problems…but what if they are actually sunsets?”

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Sometimes I Need To Be Laying On The Floor Of Urgent Care To Wake Up

In an age of unparalleled exposure to information from around the world, our sweet overwhelmed brains dig into efficiency and resource conservation. In our homes and with our loved ones, we tune out and shut down. In the social realm, sometimes it feels like we take turns giving our updates instead of connecting, communing, and *inter* - acting with each other.

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Talking To Your Children About A Tragedy

After you are centered and grounded. After you’ve had a chance to talk to yourself or another adult about all your own emotions and fears and irrational thoughts, then come to the task of talking to your children. This is your chance to show them how they can care for themselves and their world when they encounter suffering. Because this will keep happening. In this rich expansive life there will always be death, always be heart break. Always be things that feel senseless.

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