meditation @ Stanley

meditation @ Stanley

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Want to learn to manage stress, be kinder to yourself and others, and master your mind?

WHAT: Meditation may be one of the easiest and cheapest paths to mastering yourself and thus your life. But it’s hard to start a routine of meditation and even harder to persist in a regular practice.

WHY: This weekly meditation class is dedicated to making meditation and mindfulness concrete and accessible. The goal is to teach you to create a sustaining habit of meditation and mindfulness that fits with your life.

WHO: Kerry is a warm and funny teacher with over a decade of experience teaching and practicing meditation and mindfulness. More information on Kerry’s credentials in the “About Dr Kerry” page.


  • $10 per a class.

  • July or August pass for $30 (savings of 25% for 4 classes).

  • Best deal: July and August two month pass for $50 (savings of 37.5% for 8 classes).

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